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Malefor as he appears in Dawn of the Dragon
Species Dragon
Gender Male
Series Legend series
Homeworld Dragon Realms
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Voice actor Mark Hamill
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Malefor also known as The Dark Master is the main antagonist of The Legend of Spyro series.

Malefor is in many ways the exact opposite of every Spyro villain before. Tying in with the Legend of Spyro series have a much darker setting, Malefor is depicted as completely evil, and possess no comedic elements to his character.



Early Life

Born in ancient times, Malefor was the first purple dragon to be able to use more than one element. Believing him to be the dragon to usher them into a new age, the dragon elders willing taught him how to master these elements and he soon aquired mastery over many different types including Fire, Earth, Ice and Wind. His powers began to grow far beyond what was expected, however, and when he showed no signs of restraint they banished him in to exile, fearing his unstoppable growth.

Filled with hate and malice for his own kind, he took the title of the Dark Master and began to recruit an army. He betrayed his kind's secrets and taught the apes how to artifically harness the energy from gems, the dragons' lifeforce. With his army established and growing by the day he built a fort upon a mountain and there he resided, staring out upon the lands with pure hate. His malice became so great that it split the earth, creating the Well of Souls.

There is much speculation as to what happened to Malefor after that point but it is known that he was somehow trapped within the Dark Realms beyond Convexity.

Before The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning

With his master gone, Gaul, the leader of the apes and a loyal servant to Malefor, attacked the dragon realms upon his master's wishes to prevent the prophecy of the Purple Dragon that would be able to defeat him. He attacked the dragon temple on the Year of the Dragon in order to break the new Purple Dragon's egg and therefore prevent the prophecy from coming true. However, in the initial stages of the attack, the fire guardian, Ignitus took the purple egg and hid it, only to discover upon his return that all the other eggs had been smashed.

Gaul had been under another order, however, and he had not smashed all the eggs due to a dragon being needed to release his master from his imprisonment. He took an egg from the temple which then hatched and was given the name 'Cynder'. Cynder was exposed to Malefor's dark influence and she was forced into an unnatural and painful growth. In a short space of time she quickly matured to adult size and became more powerful than most dragons, including the Guardians that had been charged with protected her egg.

When she was ready she was sent to attack the dragon realms and bring them to their knees, defeating many dragons and their armies and forcing them underground. She then began to enact the plan to capture the four dragon guardians and harness the power of their elements in order to free Malefor.

During The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning

The Dark Master played a background role during the first game in the series, allowing the focus to remain on Cynder. However, her actions were linked to Malefor and when the game begins she had already captured three of the four guardians and began to harness the power of their elements into crystals to free Malefor.

When Cynder finally captures the last guardian, Ignitus, and enfuses the last crystal with his power she opens a portal to convexity, an airlock seperating the Dragon realms from the Dark Realms. The new purple dragon of prophecy, Spyro, follows her and witnesses Cynder unlocking the Convexity portal and providing a means for Malefor to escape.

Before he could, however, Spyro defeated Cynder, causing her to revert to her true form, a dragon the same age and size as Spyro. The effects of their battle caused the portal in Convexity to become unstable and it began to implode, drawing in everything within Convexity. Spyro managed to survive, rescuing Cynder in the process but Malefor was caught in the collapse and his soul became trapped in the Well of Souls.

During The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night

Malefor plays more of a larger role in The Eternal Night but still not a huge role. After his first escape attempt was thwarted, Gaul proceeded to the Well of Souls to revive Malefor on the Night of Eternal Darkness. Along the way he attacks the Pirate Arena ships that had managed to capture Spyro and Cynder, after they left the temple for two different reasons, and re-captures Cynder.

He brings here to the Well of Souls and states that because of her loyalty to Malefor in the past she might be welcomed back into his service or killed. She refuses any notion of becoming the Dark Master's slave again and remains imprisoned by Gaul in the Mountain.

Against The Chronicler's better judgement, Spyro leaves his sanctuary to rescue Cynder from her fate and in doing so faces of against Gaul in the Well of Souls. However, when the Celestial Moon's eclipse and the Night of Eternal Darkness truely begins, Spyro is exposed to Malefor's dark Influence and destroys Gaul in cold blood.

It is only by the intervention of Cynder that Spyro is able to escape Malefor's control and as Malefor begins to return the Mountain begins to collapse, forcing Spyro to freeze himself, Cynder and Sparx in a Crystal using his powers over time to avoid death. After the three are safely isolated from the harms around them Malefor finally returns to the Dragon realms and immediately begins to make his prescence known.

During The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon

Malefor has a much more profound influence in the third game of the series, three years after the second reached its climax. He quickly began to reform his armies, using grublins, orcs and ogres instead of apes, which he cursed as a reward for their former service. With his army rebuilt he attacked the various different species that inhabited the lands and claimed the Dragon Temple as his own, tearing it from the ground and suspending it high above a volcano in the middle of a vast ring of fire, laying all that resided within it to a burning waste.

Working under Malefor's orders or under their own intentions, a group of grublins release Spyro, Sparx and Cynder from the timr crystal they were encased in and force them to fight in a ring until a large golem interrupts and an ally known as Hunter rescues them. Hunter informs Spyro and Cynder of what had transpired since their disappearence and leads them to the Dragon city of Warfang which is in the middle of a siege upon arrival by Malefor's forces.

With the help of Spyro and Cynder the inhabitants manage to drive back Malefor's attack and destroy the Golem that had been encountered at the start of the game. It is here that Malefor announces his plan to destroy the world as a large stone creature, known as the Destroyer, rises from the volcano in the centre of the ring of fire. Malefor informs Spyro and the Guardians that when the Destroyer completes its circle around the world and rejoins the ring of fire all will be lost.

In a desperate attempt to stop that from happening, the dragons travel through the ruins of the ancient Warfang underground and try to stop the Destroyer. They believe that they succeed only to see the Destroyer begin to move again. Realising that the only way to prevent the world's destruction is to defeat Malefor himself, Spyro and Cynder set out to face him, loosing Ignitus along the way and revealing that Malefor's influence left a lasting effect on Spyro as he once again has to be talked down by Cynder to avoid him dragging her to their deaths in the ring of fire to save Ignitus.

Eventually they arrive at the Malefor's lair, the now twisted Dragon temple, and confront the Dark Master. There he begins the task of verbal corruption of Spyro and states that they have more similar qualities than just their colours. Spyro immediately begins to deny Malefor's words who releases them from the magical chain linking him to Cynder. It is then that Malefor claims that his influence over Cynder has not been extinguished and that he had caused her to lead Spyro and herself to him and that she tricked Spyro into ressurecting Malefor. Cynder at first denies his words but gradually begins to become unsure, allowing Malefor to once again unlock the darkness within her and turn her to his cause.

She begins to attack Spyro who only shrinks away whilst Malefor continues to talk, explaianing that there had been many purple dragons before them and that their purpose was to destroy the world and not save it. He goes on to say that during each age the purple dragon would call upon the golems of the deep and bring about The Great Cleansing. Spyro refuses to believe him and Cynder continues to attack relentlessly, demanding to know why he doesn't fight back to which he responds, "Because you've left me nothing to fight for." Upon hearing those words Cynder breaks free of Malefor's hold, enraging the Dark Master who then chains Cynder back to Spyro and declares that she will share the same fate.

During their battle, The Destroyer manages to throw itself back into the Volcano from whence it came, thus completing its cicuit and beginning the destruction of the world. Spyro, Cynder and Malefor continue to fight, however, and after the Dark Master is thrown down to the planet's heart, a giant purple crystal, by a joint attack by Spyro and Cynder, he declares that he cannot be defeated. Several purple apparitions emerge from the purple crystal upon these words, and then proceed to drag Malefor into the planet's heart, much to his dismay and the awe of Spyro and Cynder.

With Malefor gone the chain around their necks disappears but Malefor's plan was still underway as the planet began to shake itself apart. Using his powers as a purple dragon and the words of Ignitus, Spyro manages to foil Malefor's plans once and for all and reforms the planet.


  • Malefor may be a variation of the name "Valefar", a Christian demon and Duke of Hell.
  • His name might be composed from the Latin noun malum (-i,neutrum) - evil; and Greek foreo - i carry; meaning ˝The carrier of evil˝, or maybe ˝The source of evil˝. It could also be derived from "malice', a word for cruelty, hatred, and evil.
  • The Dark Master (or DM) is usualy the name given to the main villan in an RPG.
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