Dragonfly Falls

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Dragonfly Falls
Realm of
Dragon Kingdom
Gems 300 Dragons 0 Eggs 6
Gems 300 Orbs 0 Enemies 0
Gems 300 Orbs 0
No talisman
Gems 300 Eggs 6
Gems 300 Fairies 0
Gems 300 Fireflies 0
Gems 300
World Heart:
Dragonfly Falls Heart
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Residents: None
Fodder: Sheep, Rats, Seahorses
(0 gems)
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(0 gems)

Dragonfly Falls is a world in the Dragon Kingdom homeworld. It appears in Spyro: A Hero's Tail.



Dragonfly Falls is a peaceful rainforest, filled with waterfalls and caves, located in the Dragon Kingdom. This tropical place is not a habitat for one species in particular and so has a mix of animals. Ranging from Crocodiles to Vulchers, the enemies here are mostly hostile. The place has been overrun with Gnorcs but only a few. The falls is also the only place the feature the unique Shephard enemy and his two goats. Once the Shepherd and his goats are killed they won't respawn again. It also exclusively features monkeys which throw rocks at Spyro. These monkeys can easily be defeatd by either quick agility or using Wing Shield then killing them.

The Tropical Cove has piranha infested waters and hungry vulchers circling above. It seems that the piranhas and vulchers team up to take down their prey. If one were to stand on one of the floating boards, a vulcher may swoop down and knock its prey into the water which alllows the piranhas to finish it off and leave the remains for the vulchers to have. But luckily both the vuclhers and piranhas can be killed. Spyro is able to defeat the vulchers with his flame breath whiile killing the piranhas with his underwater charge. But killing these enemies requires great skill and one slip up may lead to death.

The only friendly person Spyro come's across here is Hunter. Hunter's cove may only be accessed by him and features many obstacles that require his skill. The cove is small and contains only Gnorcs and bomb dropping Vulchers, but it holds a valuable dragon egg and a light gem.

The Dark Gems in this place have only affected a few places. One is located in a cavern near the beginning of the level, where sentient dark vines spout out of the ground and guard a dragon egg. The second is located past some unstable platforms and has engulfed a cannon and waterfall in dark goo. The third is located near the Dragon Elder statue and has blocked a waterfall from filling a small pool of water. The final Dark Gem, for this place and the whole Dragon Kingdom, is located past Hunter's miniagame and is only acessible by a flating platform. This Dark Gem has only blocked off a pathway which leads back to the unstable platforms.

New Features

Light Gem Locked Gates

The gates are only accessible once Spyro has a certain number of Light Gems. The amount required to open the door with float in front of the door. These doors usually have other Light Gems and/or Dragon Eggs locked behind them.

Sparx Minigame

The Sparx Minigame is a third person rail shooter where the player plays as Sparx. The player can only control the crosshairs and are stuck to a predetermined path. Sparx moves constantly forward but it able to stop and fly faster, but both of these actions drains Sparx's stamina which recouperates after a while. Sparx also has a rapid fire attack but this only happens when he recieves a red barrel and only lasts a short while.

This minigame has an Easy and Hard mode. The only differences between them being the reward, the amount of enemies and the ammount of secondary ammo Sparx has. Sparx's secondary ammo consists of rockets and bombs. The rockets can take out a few more enemies than Sparx's primary fire while the bombs can take out a whole screen of enemies. Sparx is able to recieve more ammo from either enemies or in hidden places.

The enemies in Sparx's minigame are either range (Spiders etc.) or serve only to block Sparx's way. Both enemies can harm Sparx if he touches them or gets hit by their attack. This will knock Sparx's health down indicated by his colours. Sparx initially starts off with 3 lives, as normal, but if Spyro buy's the extra life bottle from Moneybags' shop, Sparx will recieve an extra life for his minigames as well (Red Sparx).

Wall Kick

This level introduces the Wall Kick surfaces which Spyro may use once he gets the Wall Kick ability from Elder Astor. Otherwise, these will acts as normal walls to Spyro and he will not be able to use them.

Hunter Levels

Hunter the Cheetah has access to a cavern near the Tropical Cove. The cavern is basically a tutorial to help players get used to Hunter's controls. Since Hunter is an archer, he has range attacks as well as melee attacks. He has an unlimited stock of arrows but has a limited stock of fire arrows. His melee attacks cannot take down big enemies and is mostly used for breaking Wicker Baskets. Hunter also has the ability to shield himself, wall climb and double jump. These make Hunter a very skillful character. However, Hunter is disadvantaged with not being able to fly or swim. This makes levels with water or chasms very challenging to play through.


Thermals are similar to whirlwinds from previous Spyro games. The only difference being the apperience; going from a less magic-like look to a more wind-like look. Thermals act in the same way as whirlwinds and get Spyro up places he wouldn't normally be able to get to. Also, unlike the whirlwinds, Spyro can rotate himself once he reaches the top of the thermal and can then jump off at any angle.



  • Spyro is able to get to the first Wall Kick area, without the skill, if he glides from where Zoe is to the platform.
  • The famous 'swimming in the air' glitch may be executed in this place.
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